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With the exception of our surplus components, all of our thin film and optical coatings are custom designed and fabricated.   We excel in providing coatings for the infrared (IR) spectral region.  

Upon request, we can provide metrology and thin film characterization services.  We have particular experience in the following types of coatings:

*A note on sales: RTI tries to avoid typographical errors and maintain updated information. However, pricing is subject to change at any time.

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Rugate Technologies has fabricated custom astronomical bandpass filters for the Gemini 8M Telescope Project at Hilo, HI. A set consists of a set of two complementary bandpass filters in the near-infrared (NIR) spectral region that provide inband transmission over 80%, out of band blocking above OD 4, and superior edge slopes of 1.2%. These filters operate at cryogenic temperature. Call for pricing.

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In additional to traditional discrete-layer optical coatings, Rugate Technologies, Inc. specializes in Rugate coatings. Rugate coatings are optical interference films where the refractive index of the film continuously and periodically grades as a function of the film's optical thickness. Rugate filters were originally conceived as a means of providing narrow reflection notch filters. By varying the index profile sinusoidally, rather than as a square wave, and by controlling the index excursion, very narrow notch filters free of higher order harmonics can be produced. Due to the lack of higher order harmonics, multiple index profiles can be easily superimposed to produce complex spectral performance.

Consider Rugate Technology for your optical filter requirements.

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